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  1. Hands-on introduction to iConnectMIDI4+ April 28, 2014

    Posted in Configuration, Setup.

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  2. Eigenharp and Ableton Live 9 Integration June 25, 2013

    Posted in EigenD, Live, Setup.

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  3. Modular Setup Builder Project June 9, 2013

    Posted in EigenD, Setup.

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  4. Eigenharp Control Voltage setup with Workbench, EigenD 2 and Silent Way July 24, 2012

    Posted in Configuration, EigenD, Instrument, Pico, Setup, Tutorial.

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  5. Testing the new EigenD 2 factory setups March 13, 2012

    Posted in Alpha, EigenD, Setup.

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  6. Alpha Factory Setup 1 in EigenD 2.0 Workbench February 29, 2012

    Posted in Alpha, EigenD, Setup.

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  7. My Eigenharp Alpha Hang Drum setup script December 8, 2011

    Posted in Alpha, Configuration, Setup.

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  8. Eigentab 1.0.10 auto configures your Eigenharp May 28, 2011

    Posted in Alpha, Configuration, EigenD, Pico, Setup, Tau.

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  9. Introducing my custom Alpha chromatic layout February 25, 2011

    Posted in Alpha, Setup.

  10. Detailed tutorial about changing scales and tonics on the Eigenharp Tau January 21, 2011

    Posted in Configuration, Instrument, Tau, Tutorial.

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  11. CDM: Eigenharp Users Reflect on Playing a New Kind of Instrument September 24, 2010

    Posted in Alpha, Demonstration, Instrument, Live, Song.

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  12. New official Eigenharp Alpha tutorials July 14, 2010

    Posted in Alpha, Tutorial.

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  13. Eigenharp Alpha review after three months June 21, 2010

    Posted in Alpha, EigenD, Instrument, Review, Tip.

  14. Eigenharp Pico – Set up your playing position November 23, 2009

    Posted in Configuration, Pico, Tutorial.

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