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EigenD as a super-flexible VST host

Mark Harris has recorded a few videos that demonstrate EigenD’s usefulness as a super-flexible VST host.

They show that it’s suited for any midi controller, and also in particular with interfacing with Reason 7.

Aimed at newcomers to EigenD and Workbench, it shows creating an entire setup from scratch, including building a small Stage interface.

Midi input, Audio, Audio Unit, CC routing Stage

Alternative routing, VSTs as FX, Midi clock sync

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EigenD : Free and Open Music Performance Environment

EigenD is a general purpose music performance environment that is now completely freely available and has been open-source for a few years. It has been created for the Eigenharp instruments, but was from the get-go designed as a common platform for all digital music instruments and controllers.

EigenD can be downloaded from:

EigenD’s sources are available on GitHub:

Here’s a demo video of how I use EigenD to configure a live performance environment for my electric guitar, combining the power of my favorite plugins into a single comprehensive configuration.

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Moogfest 2014 : Roger Linn on LinnStrument and new Expressive Controllers

Roger Linn introduced his last version of the LinnStrument at Moogfest and talks about the importance of expressive controllers, this is the full recording of his lecture. I gave a short demo of the Eigenharp as one of the examples. I’ve started helping Roger out with programming the LinnStrument software, since I think that it’s a great solution from people coming from existing grid controllers.

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Moogfest 2014 : Mobile Synthesis and Future Forward Controllers

Here’s the full recording of my talk at Moogfest 2014 about “Mobile Synthesis and Future Forward Controllers”.

This includes mentions/demos of the Eigenharp, Leap Motion and Thalmic Labs Myo, as well as Animoog, PPG Apps WaveGenerator, DrumJam and iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+, and much more.

Lots of audience questions at the end also.

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Hands-on introduction to iConnectMIDI4+

While being in Asheville for Moogfest, I showed the powerful iConnectMIDI4+ to Sally Sparks in her studio. We went through every step of setting it up to integrate two iPads into her existing workflow. In the end, Sally tries out iMini with a regular MIDI keyboard and takes a trip down memory lane.

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Moogfest Eigenharp Gear

Traveling from Europe to the US with self-sufficient electronic music gear is always tedious, here’s an overview of my latest collection that I combined for Moogfest. It’s very portable, polyvalent and super quick to set up. Everything fragile comes with me as carry-on in the plane, and all the rest fits easily into my checked luggage without making it too heavy.

This is the list for those that are interested:

  • Eigenharp Tau + breath pipe & cello spike
  • Eigenharp standard base station + power adapter & USB cable
  • Eigenharp instrument cable
  • Eigenharp leather shoulder strap
  • iConnectMIDI4+ + power adapter & USB cable
  • MacBook Pro + power adapter
  • iPad 3 + iConnectivity USB cable
  • iPad Retina + iConnectivity USB cable & 30-pin to lightning adapter
  • Belkin 4-port USB hub P-F5U234 + USB cable
  • Apogee ONE for iPad + USB cable & breakout cable
  • Feisol Traveler Tripod CT-3441SB + Triad-Orbit IO-R coupler
  • K&M 19724 iPad Air Holder
  • K&M 19722 iPad 2/3/4 Holder
  • Triad-Orbit Orbit 1 boom with counter-weight removed
  • Triad-Orbit Micro 1 + camera adapter
  • Heil PR 35 microphone + Triad-Orbit IO-H head
  • Microphone XLR cable
  • Power strip

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Final chance to get in on the next Alpha batch!

These are the final couple of weeks to get in on the next batch of Eigenharp Alpha instruments. Contrary to the factory-built Tau and Pico, the Alpha is a class of its own that is much harder to make. They involve a lot of state-of-the-art electronics coupled with a big dose of manual craftsmanship.

This might be the last chance to get one for a long time! So if you were thinking of getting one, the time is now!

Details can be found on the Eigenharp forum:

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António Machado plays Satie on his double Pico

Wonderful new Eigenharp video from António Machado, soooo emotional:

Erik Satie Gnossienne no. 1 on his custom double Pico

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Eigenlabs announces a new build of Eigenharp Alpha instruments

The Eigenharp Alpha is Eigenlabs’ flagship instrument and due to the difficult building process and complex engineering, they’re built in batches. Since there have been enough people signed up through the waiting list, Eigenlabs is now kicking off a new build of maximum 40 instruments. If you’re interested in an Eigenharp Alpha, now is the time!

More information in the official forum announcement:

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TEDx talk: A new age for digital musicians

The video of my TEDx talk is now available on the official YouTube channel.

Please share it around and promote it!

I think this is a very useful concise way to explain what the Eigenharp and other new electronic musical instruments are about. The more people understand what can be done, the more they’ll ask for improvements from software and hardware makers and the more we’ll get out of it as musicians.

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