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Final chance to get in on the next Alpha batch!

These are the final couple of weeks to get in on the next batch of Eigenharp Alpha instruments. Contrary to the factory-built Tau and Pico, the Alpha is a class of its own that is much harder to make. They involve a lot of state-of-the-art electronics coupled with a big dose of manual craftsmanship.

This might be the last chance to get one for a long time! So if you were thinking of getting one, the time is now!

Details can be found on the Eigenharp forum:

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António Machado plays Satie on his double Pico

Wonderful new Eigenharp video from António Machado, soooo emotional:

Erik Satie Gnossienne no. 1 on his custom double Pico

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Eigenlabs announces a new build of Eigenharp Alpha instruments

The Eigenharp Alpha is Eigenlabs’ flagship instrument and due to the difficult building process and complex engineering, they’re built in batches. Since there have been enough people signed up through the waiting list, Eigenlabs is now kicking off a new build of maximum 40 instruments. If you’re interested in an Eigenharp Alpha, now is the time!

More information in the official forum announcement:

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TEDx talk: A new age for digital musicians

The video of my TEDx talk is now available on the official YouTube channel.

Please share it around and promote it!

I think this is a very useful concise way to explain what the Eigenharp and other new electronic musical instruments are about. The more people understand what can be done, the more they’ll ask for improvements from software and hardware makers and the more we’ll get out of it as musicians.

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Wolfgang Palm’s upcoming PPG WaveGenerator plugin

Wolfgang Palm is working on creating a computer version of his WaveGenerator iPad synth … and it includes full voice-per-channel MIDI supports that works out of the box with the Eigenharp’s poly mode for hosting plugins.

Here’s a quick noodle I recorded with it while testing:

This plugin should come out in about a week, more information here:

Wolfgang has been really awesome to do the additional work for including this particular mode, I think he deserves all the support he can get.

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Eigenharp Trio Improvisation at Electro-Music 2013

Last weekend, Paul Harriman, Randy Brown and me (Geert Bevin) met up at the Electro-Music 2013 festival in New-York and performed an unprepared Eigenharp Trio Improvisation. This video is the recording from this unique experience that is probably a world’s first, but certainly not the last!

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Leap Motion & Geco MIDI gesture controller – Tech overview

Wondering how the Leap Motion and my Geco MIDI gesture controller work on stage?

Here’s an excerpt from my GeekOut 2013 conference keynote.

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GeekOut 2013 Keynote: Programmers are way cooler than musicians

I had a lot of fun delivering this talk, it’s featuring the Eigenharp, Leap Motion, Second Life and blink(1) as technologies.

The abstract of the talk is:

Programmers are the wizards of our age. We weave the fabric of the modern society, tell the stories and bring dreams to life. Geeks are ruling the world of today and programmers make it all happen. The uninitiated marvel at what we accomplish without an inkling about how everything comes to fruition. Many centuries ago, musicians held a similar role in society but today they have lost that grasp on the world. Programmers are in an unprecedented position in which we can not only make a good living, but fuel our work with passion, creativity, collaboration, innovation, and forward thinking. Programmers can make a significant difference in a world that is truly our oyster, and that is worth celebrating.

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Eigenharp and Ableton Live 9 Integration

Another great project in progress on the Eigenharp G+ Community, this time by Mark Powell.

Here’s what he has to say:

It’s still a work-in-progress, but for the benefit of Randy Brown and anyone else who’s interested, here’s a quick (very rough) demo of my work on the Eigenharp Ableton control surface script. It’s currently dependent on a very Heath Robinson modification to the Midi Input agent, so not published just yet, but once I’ve tidied things up I intend to properly issue it so that others can use/amend to their hearts’ content.

Because I’ve had to use the built-in Macbook webcam for now, the Eigenharp is shown sideways on, but essentially each of the five columns on the Alpha represent a track in Live. Rows 1-6 mirror the clips that have focus (determined by the 5×6 blue box on the Live screen, which can be moved from the Alpha). Row 7 allows each track to be turned on/off, 8 allows each track to be solo’d, 9 allows each to be armed for record. It’s multi-touch, so you can arm/solo multiple tracks by clicking several buttons at once. Also any changes in Live are automatically reflected on the Alpha. Row 10 gives a Stop button for each track and will thus stop any clip currently playing on that track. Rows 11 and 12 are there to give an up/down/left/right controller to move the focus box in Live. Because it’s working with a control surface script in Live, there’s no project-by-project config to do at that end – if the EigenD setup containing the relevant agents and talkers is set up then it’ll just work with a brand new Live set. Likewise, although this is setup for an Alpha, with fairly minor tweaking it’s possible to setup other sized interfaces for different Eigenharps. With this 5×12 grid there seems to be no latency on my i7 machine, so theoretically you could have a page in your EigenD setup that shows a 5×24 clip launcher. It’s not shown in the video, but you can also map buttons to control Live’s transport controls, metronome, tempo, etc., all direct from the ‘harp.

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Modular Setup Builder Project

The Google Plus Eigenharp community has been on fire lately. One of the most interesting initiatives is the Modular Setup Builder project by Mark Harris.

The modular setup scripts and configs are designed to allow anyone to create EigenD setups from scratch, only selecting what they want. This is useful, as it not only allows unique customizations but also results in smaller setups which are quicker to load.

Before is a short overview video that gives you a taste of the possibilities that this opens up.

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